Is loose leaf tea better?

Yes, loose leaf tea is better! Loose leaf tea is usually of higher quality, unlike tea bags in the grocery store. Cheaper teas in tea bags contain tea dust and left over particles from production called "fannings". When brewing a cup of loose leaf tea, you are able to get more flavor from the whole ingredients!



How long does tea last?

Packaged tea has a shelf life of up to 24 months however because the tea will be opened and enjoyed regularly by you, we suggest consumption within 12 months for maximum freshness.  Make sure you keep your tea sealed in our pouch or one of our luxe tins as exposure to oxygen can steal its freshness.


Are your teas organic?

Yes we are proud to say over 90% of our teas are organic and are described as such in their descriptions.


Are your teas gluten-free?

Although all of our teas do not contain gluten, they are not all produced in dedicated gluten-free facilities.


Do you offer wholesaling for businesses?

Absolutely! If you are interested in wholesaling our teas, please email us at hello@naturesvine.com


When will my order be shipped?

We take 24-48 hours to process your orders for quality assurance and we ship them out no longer than two business days after your initial order is placed but in most cases your orders are packaged and shipped within hours of purchase, excluding Sundays. 


Any other questions?

Send us a quick email and we'll be sure to follow up with you! 


How can I track my order?

All orders shipped with USPS and include a tracking number. Orders will take 5-8 business days to arrive.


Our tea is an aromatic dance in a cup prepared from high quality leaves and herbs. Diminish your troubles, soothe your nerves, and revive your body with our organic blends.